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Anthony Robbins The Power To Shape Your Destiny
Anthony Robbins is an extraordinary successful entrepreneur and a consultant to professional sports teams, presidents of corporations and countries, and members of royal families around the world. More than 25 million people have benefited from his audiotapes, videotapes, CD’s and books.
Anthony Robbins has devoted more than half his life to helping people discover and develop their own unique qualities of greatness. Considered the nation’s leader in the science of peak performance, he is the founder and chairman of the Anthony Robbins Companies, which are committed to assisting people in achieving personal and professional mastery.

Anthony Robbins 10 day mental challenge

Take Tony’s 10 day mental challenge as mentioned in his book ‘Notes From A Friend’. In this challenge you are required to not have a negative mental thought for 10 days. The goal being not to dwell on a negative thought over a consecutive 10 days. If you do you have to start the 10 days all over again. It will make you see all the mental habits that hold you back. Your brain will search for powerful helpful alternatives. A tremendous jolt of confidence will turn your life around. Creating new habits, new standards and new expectations that will help you grow and enjoy life more and more, every day.

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

Asking yourself the right question can empower your life. Ask yourself the wrong question and you will not be helping yourself to go forward. Negative answers to negative questions will make you go round in circles.
Here is an example: Suppose you are running your own business and your biggest customer closes their account with you. This means an 80% loss of income to your business. You ask yourself the question, “How could they do that? I have helped supply them with their goods for 20 years. I will go out of business.”

That question would take you along the road of negativity, bankruptcy, ill-health and all sorts of other problems. Asking a different question would get a better outcome. Rather you could have asked yourself, “I will look at the reasons why my best customer closed the account. Maybe they have problems, or maybe I need to improve my quality of service. As a result I could re-look at the way I conduct my business and see how to either reduce costs or improve quality. Even look at new marketing strategies to reach more customers.  Maybe I could even ask my customer if I could help in any way. Maybe they are having problems due to other reasons that I am able to help with. Working with my best customer could help my business as well”

The second question would empower you to grow your business. The first question would dis-empower your business.

In addition you could apply that question technique to personal relationships, career goals, food and nutrition challenges. Especially relevant would be showing your children how to ask the right question. As a result this would have beneficial effects in their education. Hence, your child when working out a question would have to come up with various grammatical expressions to get a suitable result.

Our Thoughts Control Our Actions

We are not alone in the world, but our thoughts can make us feel that way. Because our thoughts control our actions and if our thoughts are negative, so will our actions be. Most of all part of a quality life, part of a true success, is learning to appreciate and consider the emotional struggle of others. Consequently, this gives us a greater sense of gratitude for our own lives, even for our own struggles.

Ultimately, the only way to experience the richness of life is to live in an attitude of gratitude: to appreciate what you have and what you can give. Finally, the best way to ensure your happiness is to assist others in experiencing their own.

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