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Career books help choose a profitable career. Reading more books will motivate you. Narrow down your search by writing a short list of the real possibilities of a certain type of career for yourself. Compare each one on your short list and see which ones are realistic. Reading a variety of books can motivate you.

Throw your every inch of energy now into going into that career and never be persuaded to change your mind. The energy you produce by this process makes you unstoppable.

Career Books – What value can you add to a company?
Most of all this is the main question that you should be asking yourself when you apply for any new job. This question is on the mind of all employers looking for new recruits. Answering that question will build up your confidence.

Why should anyone employ you? Answering this question honestly can boost your confidence. Answer the question from the employers viewpoint. Without selling your sole, be truthful and ask the question of yourself.
Hypothetical question: There are 6 doctors with excellent records of achievement, you are one of them. Why should you be chosen over the other candidates for this great position? Come up with a sensible, realistic answer and the job could be yours.

You need to stand out, first of all your CV is the first item most employers look at. Make it special without being too outlandish. Neat and tidy in an easy to read style. Use a spell checker to look for any spelling errors. Think about possible ways you could post your CV. One of my students printed off around 20 CV’s. Then went around delivering them by hand. When my student arrived back home there was a message on the land line asking her to come to an interview at the local bank. Five years later she was still working at the same bank, but at a higher pay grade. All because my student tried something a little different. I have had many people, including yours truly, who went the extra mile to get that dream job.

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