Career Focus

Career Focus Makes You Unstoppable

quill Career focus is essential if you are to move towards your chosen career with the speed of light.
When you eat, drink and sleep always thinking of your career path, you will get there sooner than you think.
Plan your career , then focus on it. On your way to your chosen career you will meet obstacles that seem to slow you up or hinder you in some way. Look upon these occurrences as necessary in your development.

You may not always know the reason for a certain obstacle to come your way, but if you deal with it sensibly you will find it to be invigorating and will energise you more towards your career focus.

Universal Law

These obstacles are part of the universal law that we all live by. Treating an obstacle as a major disaster will put your mind into the wrong state. From this state you will become weak and slow down towards your goal of a new opportunity. Deal with a problem, embrace it, then walk away. By embracing a problem you acknowledge that it exists and this will give you tremendous power, which you can utilise. When you run away or avoid a problem you are only temporarily avoiding it, but it is still with you, at the back of your mind. This causes you to lose energy.

The biggest drain on your energy will always be your emotional energy. You can run around the block a few times and feel tired, but this will soon pass. Carrying a problem with you will drain you considerably over a long period of time.

To stay focused on your opportunities you need to deal with family , relationships and self-image concerns.
Your career, if it is important to you, should always be your main area of focus. Plan and act out your plan on a regular basis. Look at the type of person who is already working in your chosen profession.

Ask how did they get there, what qualifications did they achieve and how did they overcome some of life’s hardships?

Consider this;
Staying focused not only means dealing with the problems of life, but keeping yourself alert and ‘on the ball’ at all times. Good food, rest and play will help keep you focused and give you a balanced life.

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Final word of advice: Before you start climbing your ladder to success, make sure as best as you can that ‘your ladder’ is against the right wall. Are you sure you have chosen this career yourself, not been influenced by the wishes of others. In conclusion, should you ever lose your focus, then maybe you need to re-think it out.

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