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We become what we think about

Earl Nightingale known as the “Dean of Personal Development.” Earl Nightingale was an American motivational speaker and author in the 1950’s. His radio broadcasts were questioning and inspirational for all audiences. From the time he was a young boy, he would frequent the Long Beach Public Library in California, searching for the answer to the question, “How can a person, starting from scratch, who has no particular advantage in the world, reach the goals that he feels are important to him, and by so doing, make a major contribution to others?”
Earl Nightingale books and audio tapes are still an inspiration today. Why can one person be successful in life and another a complete failure. Is it luck, family or the sheer motivation to move forward with ones life.

Earl Nightingale – Desire To Find Answers

His desire to find an answer to this question, coupled with his natural curiosity about the world and its workings spurred him to become one of the world’s foremost experts on success and what makes people successful.

Here is something for you to think about!
What you may think is impossible, some one else might think. “How can I do that?” The difference between your thoughts and the other persons thoughts are that your thoughts would hold you back. The other persons thoughts would drive them forward.
The Oxford English Dictionary definition of impossible:

‘Not possible, that cannot be done or exist…….not easily believable; outrageous, intolerable…’

If those were your thoughts you may be living a limited life. Limiting your beliefs will restrict your life. Earl Nightingale demonstrates through his books how what seems impossible can become possible, by changing our thoughts.

There Are No Limitations To The Mind


Millions of people look at the achievements of Henry Ford. after his successful life. Was it down to good fortune, or luck, or Lead The Fieldgenius that helped him to his fortune. Perhaps one person in every thousand knows the secret of Ford’s success, and those who do know are too modest, or too reluctant, to speak of it, because of its simplicity. A single transaction will illustrate the “secret” perfectly.

A few years back, Ford decided to produce his now famous V-8 motor. He chose to build an engine with the entire eight cylinders cast in one block, and instructed his engineers to produce a design for the engine. The design was placed on paper, but engineers agreed, to a man, that it was simply impossible to cast an eight cylinder petrol engine block in one piece.
Ford said “Produce it anyway.”
“But” they replied, “it’s impossible!”
“Go ahead,” Ford commanded, “and stay on the job until you succeed no matter how much time is required.”

Impossible! is not an option

Earl Nightingale Book

The Essence of Success

The engineers went ahead. There was nothing else for them to do, if they were to remain on the Ford staff.

Six months went by, nothing happened. Another six months passed, and still nothing happened. The engineers tried every conceivable plan to carry out the orders, but the thing seemed out of the question; “impossible””
At the end of the year Ford checked with his engineers, and again they informed him they had found no way to carry out his orders.
“Go right ahead,” said Ford, “I want it, and I’ll have it.”

Earl Nightingale book

The Strangest Secret

They went ahead, and then, as if by a stroke of magic, the secret was discovered.
The Ford determination won once more!

This story may not be described with minute accuracy, but the sum and substance of it is correct. Deduce from it, you wish to think and grow rich, the secret of the Ford millions, if you can. You’ll not have to look very far.

What you achieve is linked to what you believe. If you believe you cannot carry out a certain task, you are right you can’t. If you believe you can carry out a certain task you can. It’s up to you. Take a look at my post on Seven Qualities of Success.

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