Feel Good Today

Living now and feel good today, is the only reality you really have. Tomorrow never comes and the past has gone. Living now, living for today is the only thing you can do.

Yesterday and all previous days you were a different person in a different time zone. You can learn from your yesterdays that’s one advantage of having this super brain.

Tomorrow has not yet arrived. You can make plans now, by living now, for tomorrow, but there is nothing you can do about tomorrow until it comes. It is then living in the moment.

Stop and think and re-read that statement. You cannot deny it’s truth.

When you worry about tomorrow’s possible problems you are affecting your living now? You worry, stress yourself out and unless you can do something today instead of tomorrow it’s pointless. You have just wasted a day of your life.

When tomorrow does finally arrive, of course it’s still living now, you are even more stressed because of the build up of anxiety over the previous day. The living now has turned into a traumatic experience and yet it might not be as bad as all that.

The point is you have sacrificed some of your happiness that you could have had by not concerning yourself of tomorrow’s happenings.

You are presently on your computer otherwise you would not be reading this article. So that’s your present living. How do you feel now? Don’t think about tomorrow or the next 20 minutes or yesterday or earlier today. My question was how do you feel now, right this minute?

The answer you give is your true reality of the moment. That is what life is all about, feelings for the moment. Some people drink excessive amounts of alcohol just to be happy now. You may think that’s living for the moment and you would be right. But what about the consequences.

Both drugs and alcohol are a temporary and dangerous way to become happy. They mask the true underlying problem that exists.

Feel good today-Living now can be happy

I imagine you are still at your computer!! You can be happy on your computer if you are thinking of that dream holiday you are going on tomorrow. The anticipation, the excitement are all there in your mind. Your holiday has not happened yet, but you are happy.
Another scenario, you have a difficult meeting tomorrow that has you worried. You don’t feel good today because you are worrying about tomorrow. Both situations call for a mental state, a thought to occur. The holiday gives a positive mental state and the meeting a negative mental state. Both cases give you a situation that is false. The holiday might be a disaster. Five hour delay at the airport, lost luggage, tired, hungry, hotel not finished building yet. The meeting goes well and the manager likes your work and offers you a pay increase.

Feel good today

The Power Of NOW

Had you enjoyed your time on the computer, the games you played or the research you did were fruitful, your coffee and biscuits were delicious you would have had an experience that was not reliant on the outcome of tomorrow.

I am not saying you should not look forward to the future of course you should.

Hope is an illusion that can be beneficial

Hope is one of the strongest driving forces available to humans. I am saying that you should not live in the zone of relying on external sources for your happiness to happen.
Have an open mind to the fact that when you rely on other people or companies for your happiness you are taking a chance that it might not go according to your expectations. Anticipation of good things happening to you is wonderful, but you must look at the realism.
I feel good today when I meet a client for the first time, I greet them and help them in a way I would expect to be treated. My clients are full of anticipation of our meetings and I try to live up to that expectation.
All people and companies though are not like that. They have their own agenda which may conflict with your expectations. Companies only exist for one thing – to make a profit – no other reason. Think along those lines next time you go shopping.

Understanding living now

When you live in the now, you are not controlled or affected so much, if at all by the outside influences of the world around you.
You are, and always have been in control of your life. If you have no aims or goals others around you will soon put theirs onto you.

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