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Healthy living is essential to ward off illness and disease. It’s not just about eating more fruit and vegetables. Neither is it about more exercise. There are people who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, exercise a lot, and yet still become ill.

On any winter working day lunchtime, in a large city you will see the lunch crowd on its way back to work. Some people are dressed in hats, scarves and

healthy living

Healthy Living

gloves; others wearing short-sleeved shirts, thinking it’s still summer. In a Tee shirt and shorts a jogger is running on the spot, waiting for a gap in the traffic. An older person huddled up in a winter coat, scarf and gloves, waiting for a bus. You would think these people lived in different climates. They are though, expressing the differences nature has created inside themselves.

Healthy Living – We are all the same, but different

Despite the fact that many people had a typical lunch of sandwich and coffee.[adinserter block=”5″] The food is sitting heavily in some stomachs, rumbling around in others and going unnoticed in the rest. In some bodies, hearts are beating faster because the pavement feels crowded; others are pouring out excess gastric acid or experiencing a rise in blood pressure.

It takes all types to make a world-but have healthy living people realised that we are all different in our body types. Biochemical individuality means no one is average. At any given moment your cells and tissues do not contain an average level of oxygen, carbon dioxide, iron, insulin, or vitamin C. Instead they contain a precise amount unique to that moment, to the physical condition of your body, and the state of your thoughts and emotions.

Your Body is Three Dimensional

Your body is a three-dimensional composite of millions of tiny differences, and by learning about them you can make dramatic improvements in your health.

Every time there is an event in the mind, there is a corresponding event in the body. If you are afraid of the dark, the fear will take a physical shape in the form of adrenaline shooting through the blood stream. This disconnectedness happens in a place positioned between mind and body, where thoughts turn to matter; it is occupied by three principles which we can call A, B & C. Although they regulate thousands of separate functions in the mind-body system, they have three basic functions.

A controls movement
B controls metabolism
C controls structure

Every cell in a persons body has to contain all three of these principles. To remain alive, your body has to have Principle A, or motion, which allows it to breathe, circulate blood, pass food through the digestive tract, and send nerve impulses to and from the brain.

Principle B controls, metabolism, which processes food, air, and water throughout the entire system.

Principle C controls structure, to hold the cells together and form muscle, fat, bone and sinew. Nature needs all three to build a human body.

A person’s body type will be more biased to one or another of either type. Knowing which type you are and following a life style to match will ensure you are living a healthy life.

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