Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips
Life Coach Article Career and job vacancies are reported to be at an all time low according to media reports. It is even more important now to stand out from the crowd when you are chasing that job or career move. Out of 100 applicants for a job only one is usually needed. Why should that be you? 75% of the applicants have the same qualifications as yourself. The other 25% can be discarded as being a long way off the requirements of the employer.

job interview tips

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The employer may well now look at age or gender, even though it’s discriminatory, it will happen, it’s human nature. This will take care of another 50% of applicants. We now have around 40 possible candidates for this position. The employer may well now look at the distance you live from where the vacancy exists. People, unless they are exceptional candidates for the job, are usually more reliable time keepers the closer they are to their work. [Thoughts of the employer, not mine]

Job Interview Tips – Employers Busy Schedule

Because of the employers busy schedule, there is only time to interview 10 candidates for the job. Another 30 have to be dismissed from the process. How could this be achieved? Perhaps looking at the Resumé layout, not content, but the way it is presented and pleasing to the eye. Only 10 resume’s are found to be untidy. This leaves 20 possible candidates. Not much point looking for spelling mistakes, thinks the employer, most people use spell checks on their computer printed applications. What should I look at now? This is where it can get very personal to the employer and basically anything might go now, it’s an employers intuition. But these last 20 applicants are probably the only ones a busy employer would go through. All the other vetting could be carried out by office staff.

Only 10 Applicants Left

You have made it through the mine field of checks and have been asked to come for an interview. This is your big chance and you only have 9 people to compete against. How should you conduct yourself?

Firstly you will need to do research on the company you are hoping to work for. Check the products/services, financial status, branches – location & number of, directors, managers, policies, values etc. What dress code do the staff at that company follow and the match it.

job interview tips

Job Interview Tips

To get this job you must fit into the profile of the company. It’s no good going for an interview in casual clothes if everyone wears suits. It’s no good going with long hair if you are a male, when all male staff have short cropped hair. Most female hair styles are usually suitable providing you don’t have pink or green hair in a corporate environment.
You are now at this important interview, and have arrived early. Your presentation is that of a person who could fit into this company’s mold. All questions have been answered and you feel well qualified for the job and come over as very enthusiastic about working for this company. In other words you have ‘ticked all the boxes’, in your opinion.

Now one final, and THE MOST IMPORTANT thing:


Without having an answer to this question all preparation up to this point would have been wasted. The bottom line is what are you worth to this company. Without worth, you will not get this dream job.


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