Job Security

Job Security


Job security has changed over the years. There are fewer jobs that count as ‘a job for life’. The mindset needs to change now, rather than hope a job is for life. The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for someone else. Job security has gone. Always working for your self, whether it is literally on your own or in a company you have the best job security that is possible.

Suppose you are employed by a company as a cleaner and you are fed up of doing the same job every day. Your mindset is one of laborious nature. You look forward to your tea break and a read of the daily paper. Then one day your employer no longer needs your services as they now contract the cleaning out. You become depressed, frightened you can’t pay the bills. You start heading on a downhill spiral.

Job Security Self Employed

job security self image

Job security self image

The cleaner who has a self employed mentality would see things a little differently. Every day they would be eager to go to work and take a pride in their show case cleaning. Everyone in the company would marvel at the quality of their work. This person would look at ways to save costs on cleaning materials. They would think new ways a task could be carried out more efficiently. They would thoroughly enjoy their work.

The contractors might not now take over the cleaning (although, businesses see costs as more important than people!). If contractors did take over, a person with this self employed mentality would not be afraid of their future, because they are their future. Guaranteed Job Security! Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

Business Research

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in starting your own business is doing too much research. Yes! I mean that. From personal experience when I have carried out research on a new project, particularly in the area of the competition. I have been put off starting;  as playing catch-up, with other businesses seemed daunting. I have started a few businesses without ever considering the competition until I had at least tried to make it work.  Once you have a business up and running, looking at the competition, can then propel you forward. You can now work out how you could offer a better service to your customers. When I have a client who has left a previous provider, one question I ask is. “Why have you left your previous provider?” I can then make sure that I don’t make the same mistakes. This method helps improve your customer relations over time. The competition, will now look at your business, because you are now the competition.


See the new Government initiative to employ people who think differently. If you are thinking about living in the UK you will need to take a UK residency exam. You can purchase the UK residency exam training manual from the Official Government Stationery Office