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Life Coach Article Learner driver coaching is the modern way to learn to drive. The DVSA have introduced a new driver training programme for driving instructors. Driving instructors now become ‘learner driver coaches’. Which means for the person learning to drive they will no longer be given instructions. They would be asked questions such as “How did you think you did?” or “Why did you make that choice?”

Learning to drive can be a very costly and time consuming process. Driving instructors, in general prefer to teach on an hourly weekly basis, which means it could take you over 2 years to learn to drive, at one lesson per week.

The driving test has changed over the years and so has the volume of traffic. Its not just learner driver coaching that’s changed. The use of a sat nav is now part of the new driving test. It now takes on average 50/60 hourly lessons before a learner driver could be ready to sit their driving test. One hour a week, take time out for sickness, holidays, lack of money and two years soon goes by.

Learner Driver Coaching – Motivation

Learning to drive over this length of time can mean that motivation is lost, by yourself and your instructor. The temptation to take your test too early is very strong. Perhaps that’s why the national pass rate is only 43%. Some driving instructors ask you to take your theory test either before your lessons, or soon after starting them. Not sure why. Because there is a two year time limit on the theory pass certificate and this puts extra pressure to take a test early.

Learner driver coaching now uses a sat nav

Sat Nav used for driving test

The Driving Standards Agency (the people responsible for your test) recommend you do not take your theory before you are nearly ready to taking your practical.

As a Professional Life Coach & Professional Driving Instructor Approved by the DVSA I would highly recommend that anyone learning to drive should take a good quality intensive driving course. Not one of those crash courses you see on the internet – First lesson on Monday, driving test on Friday. Those courses do not work now in all cases.

The type of course I am suggesting is where you take the first part of the course Monday – Friday. See how you are progressing and then arrange the second part based on your ability. Overall you are still looking at 40/50 lessons, but over a 3/4 week period.

Training this way produces excellent results, because you are learning to drive, before you even think about a driving test. One of the best intensive course driving schools can be found in Perth – Scotland.

It is the Scottish Driving School  who are specialist in the training of nervous students on their intensive driving courses.


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