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Life Coach Article Mentors are people who have had a lot of life experiences. Hardships, disasters, success have all been part of a mentors life. Overcoming the disasters in life, has made a good mentor who they are today.

Years ago you used to have your grandad or granny as an excellent mentor. But society has changed and grannies and grandads are still there, but their rolls have changed. Television & the media have over powered their influence. Now mentors have arrived in the form of a professional mentor, life coach, teacher or other professional who has had a lot of life experience.

mentors councelling session

Mentors councelling session

Families all used to live together, or very close to each other. You could usually see your grandparents everyday. Any problem you had, they had an answer for you. Then things changed. You now have television, computers, air travel, drugs, freedom of movement, lack of corporal punishment a ‘Nanny society’. This all means your grandparents now have a hard job keeping up with all of the outside influence that you may have thrown at you.

Mentors – Good or Bad Influences

Influence can be good or bad, you cannot distinguish whether you are being corrupted or not. In your grandparents day it was easier to detect a corrupt activity. A mentor helps add to the advice you received from your grandparents.

A mentor is not an expert in all things. For instance if you ask your mentor how to work out a quantum physics equation, unless your mentor is a specialist in that area, you will not be given the answer.

professional mentor

Professional mentor

However your mentor can guide you to a place, person or suggest a way to tackle your problem. A mentor can only be a specialist in a few area’s of life, but has a multitude of expertise in common sense and what is the right way forward for you.
A mentor is not a counsellor, but will listen to your situation and help steer you along the right path. When I am asked in my capacity as a mentor for advice, I do not tell my students what to do. I listen to their request for help, offer a few options and inform them of the consequences and possible outcomes of each option.

Mentor Example

My student makes the choice of what to do next, armed with the information I have given. A good mentor will never tell you exactly what you must do. You have a choice – to take action or not to take action.

Each choice has its own consequences. You can decide not to act by watching television all day or you can go out and act out your dream. The consequences of playing all daychildren playing are that you will be fit, but not necessarily able to run a business. The consequences of you actively seeking your dream is that it will happen, balance play with work. All dreams come true if you know how to work towards them.
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This ‘Nanny’ state we now have controls what and when we do what we do. Our sense of doing things for ourselves is disappearing.

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