Secrets of Successful People

Power of self confidencesecrets of successful people
Secrets of successful people. Have you ever wondered how successful people became successful. How world leaders and great leaders in industry achieved their success.
Maybe they had lots of money to begin with. Maybe they had great teachers at school. Perhaps they all had lucky breaks. Or maybe they had none of these. Some of the world’s greatest achievers have lived a life of absolute misery. Coming from poor backgrounds. Parents who were unable to help with schooling. Yet they still achieved a successful life.

True Life Story

Here is a story you might relate to:
A habitual drug user and housebreaker was in and out of prison many times was asked.
“Why do you keep repeating those offences?” He replied “Just look at my father, in and out of prison on a regular basis because of his drugs and robberies. Why do you expect me to be any different?”
This mans brother was a supermarket manager, married with two children and he owned his own home. He was asked the question.
“How come you are so successful in life, when your father is always going to prison?” He replied. “Who would want to be like my father. I need to create my own life.”

Secrets of successful people:The moral of the story: It’s not how you are raised as a child. It’s your perception as to how you were raised that makes a difference.

Looking at life from a different perspective, would give you different results. Look at life as doom and gloom and that is what you will get. Look at life as a wonderful opportunity to do great things and great things will happen all around.

Have you ever wanted to improve your life by getting your dream job, or the partner of your dreams? Have you ever wanted to own your own house or have a new car every year? Maybe your goal is to swim with dolphins or meditate in a Buddhist temple? Whatever your goal, how do you take that first vital step? Or how do you make that last vital step if you are nearly at your goal?

Secrets of Successful People – Goal Setting

Goal setting should be an ongoing process through your life. Once you stop setting goals, your life stops. You have the sameness in your life day in day out. One expression I have heard is that you live your life up to the age of 25 and then you stop. Why is that so? Because your goals and ambitions have either been met and no new ones created in their place. Or else you are disillusioned with life itself and have given up on it. Keeping you young, vibrant and active is the art of living: of goal setting.

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You can achieve when you believe

Be your own life coach
What you achieve is linked to what you believe. If you believe you cannot carry out a certain task, you are right you can’t. If you believe you can carry out a certain task you can. It’s up to you. Take a look at my¬† post on Seven Qualities of Success.

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