Self Image

Self image is how you see yourself in your mind. Self-image is a very powerful thought process that rarely lets you move away from it.
Everything you tell yourself about yourself becomes true. The way you walk, look talk are all creations of your self image. Sometimes you will see an attractive person, but they might see themselves as ugly, too fat, too thin, too old too young.

self image

How you think of yourself also affects how others feel about you. About 90% of what we communicate is unconscious.

The people around you are continually responding to your body language, tone of voice and emotional signals you are giving out. You have created over the years a personal persona that is you. It’s who you are inside. Over the years your image would have been molded by the company you kept and your perception of that company related to yourself. If you thought the company you kept was fantastic, even if it was not, then you would have a different view of yourself than if you thought the people around you were all crazy.

Live the life you want

The reason you are not living the life you want is that you are hiding your true self image. If you spend all of your time covering up who you really are; you are never going to progress towards your dreams. You are going to be suppressed and always living the life of an imposter to your true self.

Whenever you seem to be going two steps forward and three steps back it can be your hidden self that is holding you back. See my page on Universal Law this explains in detail how we all function as humans.

Living a false life to yourself will eventually catch up with you and people will see who you really are.

Those who flaunt their wealth, status, achievements and superiority are trying to prove that they are not as worthless as they feel inside. A person who is true to themselves has no need to flaunt anything no matter how wealthy or educated they may be. They know who they are and that is all that matters to them.

Conditioning starts at school

When you started school you would have noticed people bigger than you. These bigger people could be other children or teachers. Everyone seemed to know more than you did. Who do you believe?

Some teachers try and stifle who you really are inside by trying to mold you to the way the education authorities have directed them. Other children will try and mold you into someone they can control by the power of their extra knowledge in life.

You then have the onset of puberty. Your whole body changes you grow hair where it should not grow, you grow bigger body parts, you breakout into ‘spots’ and you can control none of it.

Your life is certainly now out of control including your mental state created by those around you and your own perception of what you interpret others to be telling you. No wonder teenagers are said to be mixed up! Nature played a trick on you by making you grow up, but your self-image did not.

The three parts of you
The core of you is the real you, which you could think of as a beautiful diamond. On top of your diamond is a lot of garbage stuck by super glue. On this garbage you have painted a pretty colour so no one can see the garbage, and it becomes the external you.

Lets examine the three parts to you.

The outer painted garbage look is your ego, flash car, education credentials, your looks. The garbage part of you is the rubbish that the world has thrown at you and you want to get rid of it, but you can’t so you cover it up.

The diamond is the real you the part you were born with before life took hold of you. If you can access your diamond you will become free, confident and wealthy and wise. For you are already those. You were born to be that diamond.

The fear of both failure and success are rooted to your self-image. You might find it strange for me to mention the fear of success but that is what some people fear.

They fear success because they are afraid of losing their friends, or being in the public eye. Being in the public eye would mean standing up to criticism of their life, their values. In general becoming an open book to the world. Whereas if their image had been intact then it would not matter.

A person with a strong image of themselves would not be afraid to be wrong. Having a strong personality does not mean you are never wrong, it means you are not afraid to admit it.

How do you recognise your true self?
Look at what you do when you are alone. Things you do when you are alone. Like watching certain programs on the television, listening to certain music, reading certain books etc. That’s the real you.
What type of clothes would you wear if you were not influenced by others

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