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Synchrodestiny is a word constructed from the words of “synchronicity” + “Destiny”. Synchronicity is usually thought of as something like a coincidence. Something happening by chance. Destiny is thought of as the direction you are going in with your life. Understanding synchrodestiny will help you channel your life towards a future full of infinite possibilities. It is a way that is determined by the meeting of two people or two similar opportunities, that are beneficial to you.

Fate is usually thought of as the one thing in your life you cannot change. It is thought of as you were meant to be a certain person or do a certain thing with your life. Fate is more of a happening & Synchrodestiny is more thought of in the way coincidences seem to happen.

You might say “It is my destiny to become rich and famous”, or you might say “it is my fate to become poor and old”. Whichever you focus on will become your outcome (fate or destiny). The choice is yours.

Do you believe in coincidence? We have all experienced a coincidence or two in our lives. It’s when you sit on a train and the stranger next to you has the same job or family name or the same interests as yourself.

Here is a strange but true story – two men were playing golf one day and neither new the other. They both struck their golf ball at the same time, aiming from two different directions. The balls collided in mid air and fell to the ground. Both men went to retrieve their ball and had a good laugh on the way. They got talking to each other and realised they both had the same surname and first name.

Was that a coincidence or were they destined to meet – their synchrodestiny. This process of coincidence and destiny coming together is called Synchrodestiny.

stonesWhen you meet someone in your life who becomes your partner or offers you a job synchrodestiny is said to be taking place.
In another story an American trainee film director wanted to direct films in the United Kingdom and live there permanently.
Because he wasn’t fully qualified and from another country the Trade Union in the UK would not give him a work permit. He therefore took a job as a waiter in a London hotel. There he worked for a year whilst he was continuing to study.

Throughout this year an elderly gentleman came to the restaurant for his afternoon tea. The American student served him his tea on every visit.
One day the American student became curious as to what the elderly man did for a living. So he asked him. The elderly man replied that he was in a boring job as president of the film makers trade union and not much happened at that level.
The rest you can imagine. The American student is now qualified and a very well known film director in London.

Synchrodestiny how it works
I know of many such acts of synchrodestiny both personally and through my students. Many a time I have a student who has a lot of qualifications but cannot find work until one day they meet a person, sometimes a complete stranger, who either offers them work or points them towards where they know of a company looking for someone just like them.

This particular student of mine filled in an application form to work for a very large company. She was rejected without ever having the interview. Sometime later she sent off her CV to that same company explaining the type of work she was seeking. Once again she was rejected.
She eventually took a part time job in the local Post Office on very low wages. After a year had passed, one of her regular customers said that his manager was looking for extra staff and would she like to go along for a chat, not an interview.
The company was the original large company she had always wanted to work for. She went along to the chat, no application form no CV. She was offered the job on the spot. She had by going to the manager direct, bye-passed the system of employing staff at this company.

The manager went to the administration area of employment, called Human Resources and welfare and said he wanted this person to work for him. There was no argument, no discussion, it just happened because he made it so.

Once again synchrodestiny had taken place. Synchrodestiny follows the Universal Law. This Universal Law is the force that makes our world work the way it does.
We are all beings who have come from the same source. We are all balls of energy, vibrating and giving out signals to all that is around us. The stones, trees grass, flowers, animals are all energy forces. Some strong some weak, but are none the less pure energy. The world is dynamic, growing and forever changing. As humans we are part of this world, or universe and that cannot be ignored. We were not meant to sit around doing nothing, if we do we become lethargic, negative and possibly illness may strike.

By being active and thus creating more energy you become more positive, vibrant and healthy. This can lead to all types of wonderful things happening in your life because you are causing certain vibrations to occur which are felt by other like minded people.

When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with a whole world of possibilities.

Synchrodestiny is you gaining access to a place deep within yourself and at the same time aware of what is taking place in the physical world. What I mean by this is that you and all that you see around you is classed as physical, that which can be seen with the naked eye and touched. The other you, the emotions, feelings, thoughts are called non-physical or spiritual you. It’s the non-physical you that determines your life path and your destiny.

Synchrodestiny requires an understanding of the way of the Universal law and recognising the wellspring of intelligence that creates our universe and have the intention to pursue opportunities as they appear.

You should always live your life in the ‘NOW’ , that is in the present. But just think back a few years on your life and reflect on how many coincidences happened that have put you where you are now with your life.
Did a newspaper happen to fall on the floor and opened up on a page that you found interesting to read. Were you thinking of somone, and at that moment the phone rang and it was them.
Make yourself aware of when coincidences happen and you will find they happen too many times to just be a coincidence.

They are synchrodestiny experiences, which when you understand when they are happening, can produce a magical life for you.

You might like to look at some books I have re-searched for you that will help.

Synchro Destiny


Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles by Chopra, Dr Deepak New Edition (2005)

and reference for article material thanks to
Dr Deepak Chopra

“The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.”
– Deepak Chopra

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