Synchronicity – will help to improve your life every day

Synchronicity bee on flower

Birds flying in harmony is a wonder to see. How do they do that, you might ask? Or maybe you’ve never thought to ask that question. Noticing the world around you as the day unfolds is the first step to enjoying life.

As defined in the dictionary synchronicity is coincidence in time; contemporaneousness; simultaneousness.

Synchronicity, when used as a tool to live your life, is called SynchroDestiny. By understanding your personal coincidences, you are guided towards a more meaningful lifestyle. Does your day to day existence seem to be an uphill struggle? “One step forward and two steps back.” If this is the case, you will need to understand how to go with the flow of each day.

Synchronicity of flying birds

Going with the flow

What does going with the flow means in real terms? It means taking a look around you throughout your day to see different events unfold. You may say that you don’t see any events unfolding. Your day-to-day is the same as yesterday. When you pay more attention to the activities of the day that are not directly the things you are doing. You will see that maybe the birds flying above you are similar to the image shown above. Perhaps you will see a person walking down the street who either looks like someone you know. Possibly they are identical to a friend or relative of yours.

Once you become more observant of your environment, you will become more observant of your own actions. From this point, you will see possibilities to enhance your day by “Going with the flow” by using the power of synchronicity. As an example, you look in a shop window and see the ideal gift for someone’s birthday. This gift is perfect and saves you a lot of walking around searching. This is called synchronicity. It’s an event that has happened to you. As you walk along a busy street, you feel like sitting down in a coffee shop for a break. As you order your coffee, a notice on the counter catches your attention. It happens to be a poster describing how Yoga can help your life and there just happens to be a Yoga class tomorrow night.

Living a synchronised life

Living a synchronised life will lead you to many events. I assume you only want to have good things in your life. If that is so, then make a point of looking for them to happen. The opportunities are out there all the time. You will see them once you remove the mental block you have created that only sees unhappiness, doom and gloom. Reading newspapers and getting too deep into news items are great ways to keep yourself in a ‘doom and gloom’ state. Look at the things that you like. The more you do this; eventually, your life will change for the better.

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