Universal Law-How it Affects our Life on Earth

Auniversal law exists that determines how our life on earth is governed. It is the law that makes our world the way it is. It controls the weather, vegetation, oceans, earthquakes, animal life and human life.

As a human you are part of this law whether you want to be or not, you have no choice. The atmosphere of the world we live in surrounds all of us. We cannot get away from it. You may have heard of the expression a “negative” or “positive” atmosphere in relationship to home or work. These are environments that surround this world, connects us to all things and does have an influence on our lives. When you take an action, the universe has to respond, it has no choice, that’s the way it is. Take a negative action & you will get a negative result. Take a positive action & you will get a positive result.

Secret of attraction

The terms negative and positive are words that we use s humans. But in the universe there is energy. When a person says that they must not do a certain task, e.g. eat too much. And that phrase “I must not eat too much”, gets repeated over a period of time. The universe will help you to eat more, not less. The universe will interpret your wish in such a way that it becomes what you do, not what you don’t do.

Notice the world around you

When the seed of a tree is sown into fertile soil it will grow into a tree, not a flower. This seed has ‘treeness’ built into it. It cannot become anything other than a tree. If you were to dissect this tree seed, you would not be able to see that one day it will become a tree. This is a universal law.

When it rains or the wind blows most people in the UK would complain about the weather (seems to be a British thing). The weather has to have change, otherwise if it was sunny all the time you would have drought, or raining the whole time you would have floods.
Part of the Universal law is that change has to happen. Sameness produces nothing, no energy, no growth. Looking at these weather changes can help you understand your life a little more.

Some of the worst problems you have had in your life would have produced a change in you. You needed to change to deal with a life problem. If you didn’t change then you would have become depressed, angry or upset, these are all emotions created by your thoughts of that major life problem you had.

Your attitude to your problem would have determined your outcome. The Universal law was operating when you had that major problem. The ‘inner you’ needed you to move on with your life. Embracing change, accepting that what is done is done, is one way of reducing the stress in your life. Using the universal law to your advantage will help create your destiny. Letting this law (as manifested by other people’s actions) control you, will put a strain on your life.

Universal law and you

Whether you believe in this law or not, it doe’s not really matter, it is still there and will always be there. It’s like saying you do not believe in night and day, it’s there and you cannot change it.

So if you accept that there is a Universal law just as you accept night and day, then your life will flow much easier.

The human race has moved so far away from the natural way of things, that it’s easy to see why there is so much stress going on.

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depends how you decide to use it.
Example One: Use your mind constructively and creatively and it will help you to untold happiness, wealth and health. Life will seem like eternal bliss.
Example Two: Use your mind as a tool for your hate, anger, jealousy and it will turn inward on you and you will become a stifled and possibly ill person.

Both situations described above are following the Universal law. In the first example where you are creative, the Universal law is helping you to grow for that is your wish according to your actions. In example two, the Universal law is helping you to become ill and stifled because that is also your wish by your actions. Change your actions and you will change your outcome. Do you want to follow example one or two?

These choices have been given to all of us from the day we were born, Which choice you take is up to you.

Universal law of the cosmos

As humans that’s one gift we have over all other living entities, we have choices. The tree cannot walk to another field, the clouds have to go the same direction as the wind.

By understanding the way the universe operates can help us understand ourselves.

Humans were meant to be free spirits, stifling that spirit can cause a lot of our 21st century problems.

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