Creating a major life change

Creating a major life change

Creating major life change

“He who knows much about others may be learned, but he who understands himself is more intelligent. He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”

-LAOZI, Tao Teh Ching

An ancient wisdom from two thousand four hundred years ago. But the meaning is clear even in this 21st century. It was written by an author known as Laozi, which translates as “old master”.
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Before a person can progress successfully in their life, they must first of all understand themselves. This is the basic foundation required by anyone if they are to achieve their life’s desires.

What exactly does understanding yourself entail? It could mean you like swimming, but you don’t like reading. Maybe you like sleeping, but you don’t like going to work, school or college. Those activities are not what understanding yourself means. Those are just things you like or dislike. They are not fundamentally who you are.

Who are you?

When asked who are you? You might answer I am a parent or I am an accountant, shop keeper, lorry driver, student and so the list goes on. They are not who you are, they are what you do. The answer to who are you is at the heart of your future. You may have just started a new career and realised it was not what you thought it would be. This means your career ladder is up against the wrong wall. You may have ended up in the wrong career because the choice was made based on other factors such as the influence of a peer group. Maybe the thought of a high salary was your reason.

Life always gets better

Excuses should never be made if you are unhappy with your chosen life path. It’s never to late to alter your path to a more fulfilling one. Before I realised ‘who am I’! I changed my life path many times. Always searching for a new ‘me’, or better future. Life was always going to get better tomorrow, but of course tomorrow never comes.

When you research self-help or self improvement books to help you improve your life. As good as the books are, none of them will get you a better life. Only you can do that. The books give you great insight, including this website, into how to create a major life change. At the end of the day, it’s down to you though to create that change.

Life change without success

Have you tried to achieve a personal life change without lasting success? You may have wasted energy on either starting, but not completing the change you desired. Maybe you have been going in the right direction but old habits pulled you back.

To create a major shift in your life takes knowledge, planning and an awareness of your daily actions.
Having a conscious awareness of your actions and direction are essential to your success. Whether it’s a change in your career, relationships or inner self. The driving force behind all life changes is your awareness by the mind of itself and the world. This consciousness will help you with your intention to change, provided you offer a direction.

Be confident about your change

Your intention to change must be more than a wish, or dream. To have support for what you want, your intention has to be clear and focused. Thinking you want a life change without defining exactly what that change is, would not be specific enough to create a meaning for change. What sort or type of change do you want?

Better health, more money, better relationships, better job or career. Write down exactly what you want, then be committed to achieving your life’s desire.

Look inside your inner self

Now it’s time to do some meditation on your intention. Do not be put off with the word “meditation”. You may think you have to sit on a hard floor with your legs crossed for a few hours at a time. Or you may have tried meditation previously and told you have to think of a nice beach on a tropical island.

If I said to you that you do not have to meditate in that way. That would be the first obstacle removed towards achieving your goal. Here is a simple way that anyone can meditate quite easily. Sit on a comfortable chair in a location were you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and get yourself comfortable. For the first few moments focus on how you are breathing. Slowly in and out effortlessly and calmly. Do this for a minute or two. Visualise what you want to achieve. Be realistic and calm and see the new situation you want unfold before you.

Respond with feeling to Your Intention

As you meditate on your desired outcome, various sensations and feelings will appear not all will be positive. You may feel a resistance or feeling of doubt, or even anxious. These feelings mean you are on the right track. Because if everything seemed perfect, without any self doubt could mean you are in a state of fantasy. You need to feel the resistance within yourself, which means you are getting closer to a successful realistic outcome.

Let Go of your intention

Now here is something that might seem not quite right “let go of your intention”. Let the path of your intention unfold which means letting go. When you look ahead you can be discouraged with thoughts of many obstacles in your path. Don’t try to predict the future or defeat the unknown.

Deal with Your Resistance

The feelings inside of you that say “No” to your intention may seem difficult at first to overcome. You will need to recognise that these feelings are deep rooted in your past. Such as past failure, doubt, anxiety, insecurity – I’m sure you can come up with more reasons why your intention will not happen. When you see the benefit of your intention you might not believe what happens, self-doubt then comes in and your goal will either stop at worse, or slow up.

Make a Plan to Overcome Obstacles

You may think that your new life style is a large difficult task to undertake. You might even think of not going ahead with your goal. Here is a proven method that works for any large task. Break each task down into bite size chunks, starting with the easiest. Perhaps you can either get help from family or friends or even employing a professional service. Working things out on your own, might be good for your ego, but it could cause you to be introverted. As often as you can keep your intention to succeed at the forefront of your mind.

See the Project as an Inner Path

Your project should be seen as an inner path of your desire. Sharing your thoughts with others can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Choose who you discuss your goal with, like minded people might help. But its certain that none like minded people will sow the seeds of doubt in your mind. A great negative statement I have come across many times is, “I wouldn’t if I was you!” So, share only with those who have already achieved a similar goal to yours. They are the people who can give priceless advice and encouragement, when you are in a none positive mood.

Connect with Higher Guidance

You need to connect with whatever you believe in life. Whether it’s a religion or something spiritual. Having a higher guidance can propel you towards the aims you have set out for yourself. Self doubt can be overcome more easily once you believe in a Higher Power. It’s like have a great mentor beside you every day

Your mind, body, and spirit are designed for change. Once you have the self-confidence to know that you can set any goal that matches your highest vision. A natural occurrence takes place of the unfolding of success as a joint venture between you and yourself.

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